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The Institute comprises 22 research laboratories with the expertise in the fields of
   – enzymology,
   – structural biology,
   – biochemistry of phytoimmunity,
   – immunobiochemistry,
   – photosynthesis,
   – molecular mechanisms of motility,
   – environmental biochemistry and biotechnology,
   – analytical biochemistry, biosensors/diagnostic kits,
   – biotransformations,
   – proteomics of human muscles tissues.

Major industry oriented projects:
• Bioreactor - a novel type of biotrickbing filters, a specially designed hardware containing a consortium of immobilised natural micro-organisms that removes from air emissions an impressive number of VOCs
• A novel jne-step synthetic route of photochemical synthesis of Ca-folinate used for cancer and anemia treatment
• Development of synthetic vaccine against latent tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
• Development of DNA diagnostic kits for inherited myopathias
• Development of immunosensors and immunodiagnostic kits for ecological monitoring and healthcare
• The technology to substitute synthetic formaldehyde containing toxic resins in the process of manufacturing of wood chipboard by natural binders produced by partial destruction of wood polymers by strains of basidiomycetes
• The microbial technology for obtaining of biodegradable polymer beta-oxybutyrate with production over 90 % of the polymer.

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